Ed P. Caswell-Chen

  • Professor Emeritus
My research interests are in integrated pest management and ecology of nematodes in agroecosystems. The research in my laboratory is focused on plant-parasitic nematode management, especially with respect to alternative management strategies as supplements to rotations and nematicide applications for use in sustainable agricultural production systems. We also conduct research on the ecology of aging in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. This research involves a demographic approach to aging, including investigating the natural ecology of the nematode, and how its life history features are reflective of its ecology.

Hugh Dingle

  • Professor Emeritus
Dr. Dingle's research interests include: Insect migration and life histories: quantitative genetics, behavior, photo-periodism, and life history flexibility and variation.

John D. Edman

  • Professor Emeritus
Dr. Edman's research interests include: Behavior, Ecology and Management of Medically Important Arthropods Blood-feeding Behavior of Diptera Vector-Host-Parasite-Environment Interaction in Protozoa and Arbovirus Transmission Anti-Ectoparasite Behavior of Vertebrates.

Howard Ferris

Dr. Ferris' research interests include: Soil ecology; decomposition and nutrient cycling; contribution of nematodes to the structure and function of the soil food web. Population biology and population assessment of soil nematodes; integrated pest management.

Mary Louise Flint

Dr. Flint's research interests include: Integrated pest management of landscape, agricultural and garden pests; biological control of arthropod pests; alternatives to pesticides; adoption of alternative practices by practitioners; innovative delivery of pest management information.

Norman E. Gary

  • Professor Emeritus
Dr. Gary's research interests include: Biology and behavior of honeybees, interaction of honey bees with environment.