Louie H. Yang

  • Professor
We study how species interactions change over time. We apply a diversity of approaches and perspectives to a diversity of systems and questions. We do experimental community ecology. We also use observational methods, meta-analysis, conceptual synthesis, ecosystem perspectives, and theoretical models. We like data, and we like learning new things.
380K Briggs Hall

Neal M. Williams

  • Professor of Entomology
Dr. Williams' research interests include: Pollination ecology, bee biology with emphasis on foraging behavior, ecology and evolution of trophic specialization and plant-pollinator Interactions, landscape change and community dynamics, ecosystem services and conservation.

Shahid Siddique

  • Assistant Professor of Entomology and Nematology
Research in the Siddique lab focuses on basic as well as applied aspects of interaction between parasitic nematodes and their host plants. The long-term object of our research is not only to enhance our understanding of molecular aspects of plant–nematode interaction but also to use this knowledge to provide new resources for reducing the impact of nematodes on crop plants in California.
4208 Storer Hall

Elina L. Niño

  • Apiculture Extension and Research
Dr. Niño's research interests include: Honey Bee Biology, Health, and Breeding, Behavior, Reproductive Physiology, Genomics, Chemical Ecology, Sociology of Beekeeping.
117 Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility

Christian Nansen

  • Associate Professor, Insect Ecology, IPM and Remote Sensing
Dr. Nansen's research interests include: Insect Ecology, IPM, Remote Sensing, host plant stress detection, host selection by arthropods, pesticide performance, and use of reflectance-based imaging in a wide range of research applications.
37 Briggs Hall