ENT 116 Spring 2021

ENT 116 Freshwater Macroinverterates (3)

Instructor: Sharon Lawler

Lecture—2 hour(s); Laboratory—3 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): BIS 002B; Or equivalent. Limited enrollment. Biology, ecology and taxonomy of freshwater macroinvertebrates, including insects, crustaceans, molluscs, worms, leeches, flatworms and others. Adaptations to life in freshwater. Aquatic food webs. Uses of macroinvertebrates in water quality monitoring. Field trips during regular lab hours. GE credit: SE, SL. 

Will there be face-to-face instruction? No

Will remote lectures be recorded? Lecture, yes; laboratory, no

Will there be synchronous instruction (i.e. when course material is presented by their instructor live on Zoom)? Yes

If Synchronous instruction is available, when will it be held? (Scheduled lecture times can also be found at https://classes.ucdavis.edu) MW 10-10:50; W 1:10-4pm

Will instructor be available in Office Hours/Study Hall synchronously? Yes, by appointment

Are students required to attend any synchronous activities (either instruction, office hours, or both)? Yes, laboratory

Will exams be at a set time or over a 24-hour or week-long period? (Scheduled lecture and final exam times can be found at https://classes.ucdavis.edu) Set time, extra time given

Will students in different time zones have options to take exams in their own timezone? No, unless 6 hours or more time difference

Is a webcam required? No

Is a microphone required? Yes

Is any specific software required (e.g. MindTap, Mylab, Excel, State, etc.)? Zoom

Will the textbook be REQUIRED through "equitable access" (see https://ucdavisstores.com/equitableaccess)? Most texts are available; if the student chooses to go through this program only some are required. Those are listed below. Yes

Any additional useful course information?