Bruce A. Jaffee

Dr. Bruce A. Jaffee

Position Title
Professor Emeritus

Appointment: 1986
B.S. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 1975 Fruit Science
M.S. Cornell University 1978 Plant Pathology
Ph.D. Cornell University 1981 Plant Pathology
Teaching Disciplines
Revising Scientific Prose (NEM 150)
Observing and Writing in Biology (SAS 90B)
Soil Ecology (SSC 112)
Also teaches biological control
Biological control of nematodes

Selected Publications:

  1. 2003 Jaffee, B. A. Negative feedback about density-dependent regulation. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 35:195.
  2. 2003 Boulton, A. M., B. A. Jaffee, and K. M. Scow. Effects of a common harvester ant (Messor andrei) on richness and abundance of soil biota. Applied Soil Ecology 23:257-265.
  3. 2003 Jaffee B. A. Correlations between most probable number and activity of nematode-trapping fungi. Phytopathology 93:1599-1605.
  4. 2004 Jaffee, B. A. Wood, nematodes, and the nematode-trapping fungus Arthrobotrys oligospora. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 36:1171-1178.
  5. 2004 Jaffee, B. A. Do organic amendments enhance the nematode-trapping fungi Dactylellina haptotyla and Arthrobotrys oligosporaJournal of Nematology 36:267-275.
  6. 2005 Jaffee, B. A., and D. R. Strong. Strong bottom-up and weak top-down effects in soil: nematode-parasitized insects and nematode-trapping fungi. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 37:1011-1021.
  7. 2006 Farrell, F. C., B. A. Jaffee, D. R. Strong. The nematode-trapping fungus Arthrobotrys oligosporain soil of the Bodega Marine Reserve: distribution and dependence on nematode-parasitized moth larvae.Soil Biology & Biochemistry: in press.
  8. Tedford, E. C., B. A. Jaffee, A. E. Muldoon, C. E. Anderson, and B. B. Westerdahl. 1993. Parasitism of Heterodera schachtii and Meloidogyne javanica by Hirsutella rhossiliensis in microplots over two growing seasons. Journal of Nematology 25:427-433.
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