Howard Ferris

  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Dr. Ferris' research interests include: Soil ecology; decomposition and nutrient cycling; contribution of nematodes to the structure and function of the soil food web. Population biology and population assessment of soil nematodes; integrated pest management.

Mary Louise Flint

  • Professor of Cooperative Extension Emeritus
Dr. Flint's research interests include: Integrated pest management of landscape, agricultural and garden pests; biological control of arthropod pests; alternatives to pesticides; adoption of alternative practices by practitioners; innovative delivery of pest management information.

Charles G. Summers

Dr. Summers' research interests include: Economic entomology and pest management: biology and ecology of insects attacking field and vegetable crops; pest management of field and vegetable crop insects and the interaction of multiple pest complexes; development of economic injury levels and economic thresholds; insect/plant-virus relationships with emphasis on aphid-bourne viruses.

Christine Y. S. Peng

  • Professor Emerita
Dr. Peng's research interests include: Honey bee nutrition, digestion, reproductive physiology with emphasis on gamete biology, and honey bee parasites and diseases.

Harry K. Kaya

  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Dr. Kaya's research interests include: Utilization of nematodes for biological control of insect pests; interaction between nematodes and other biological control agents; general insect pathology (protozoan, viral and fungal diseases of insects).

Albert A. Grigarick

  • Professor Emeritus
Dr. Grigarick's research interests include: Agricultural entomology- biology, ecology and integrated methods of control of pests of rice.