Hugh Dingle

Dr. Hugh Dingle

Position Title
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

B.A. (with honors) Zoology, Cornell University
M.S. Zoology, University of Michigan
Ph.D. Zoology, University of Michigan
Research Interests:
Insect migration and life histories: quantitative genetics, behavior, photo-periodism, and life history flexibility and variation.

Selected Publications:

1. Dingle, H. 2014. Migration: the Biology of Life on the Move, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, 326 pp.

2. Cornelius, J.M., H.E. Watts, H. Dingle, & T.P. Hahn. 2013. Obligate versus rich patch opportunism: evolution and endocrine mechanisms. Gen. Comp. Endocrin. 190: 76-80.

3. Dingle, H., S.P. Carroll, & T.R. Famula. 2009. Influence of genetic architecture on contemporary local evolution in the soapberry bug Jadera haematoloma: artificial selection on beak length. J. Evol. Biol. 22: 2031-2040.

4. Dingle, H. 2008. Bird migration in the southern hemisphere: a review comparing continents.EMU 108: 341-359.

5. Dingle, H. & V.A. Drake. 2007. What is migration? BioScience 57: 113-121.

6. Dingle, H. 2006. Animal migration: is there a common migratory syndrome? J. Ornithology 147: 212-220.

7. Dingle, H., M.P. Zalucki, W.A. Rochester, & T. Armijo-Prewitt. 2005. Distribution of the monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus (L.) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae), in western North America. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 85: 491-500.